Devonport House Church

This Devonport church was started by the Allis family in August 2004. ‘Edge’ is a new-wineskin church in Devonport – we’re going on an interesting journey discovering what it means for us (people) to ‘be the church’.

There are a variety of good Devonport churches – we are another one that helps enhance the breadth of Devonport church life and opportunities. We love working together with the other great Devonport churches. We’re very aware that God only sees one ‘Devonport church’, which has a variety of different expressions & meeting places – we are one aspect of that ‘Devonport church’.

Our Devonport House Church

Our Devonport church (Edge) meets on Sundays at 10.30am (at 2C Handley Ave ph 445-1293). If you want to visit us, please phone first to make sure it suits, as we don’t meet every Sunday. We start with yummy food (e.g. juice, chocolate slice & GREAT coffee), and talking. At about 11 we start the ‘service’, sometimes with a song (accompanied by the guitar, penny-whistle and hand-written words). The meeting varies from week to week, with different topics (for discussion, thought and actions). We read parts of the bible and everyone is encouraged to contribute something to the discussion. eg Luke, age 9, reads us a relevant story from his picture childrens bible, or people are given opportunity to share what God has been saying to them lately. The younger members of the group, as well as the adults, are highly valued in the meetings and the topics are presented discussed in ways relevant (for the most part) and challenging to all of us.

We have loved the Devonport house church journey so far, and have changed and developed our thinking and theology as we’ve moved forward.

House churches can differ greatly from each other, the above is the way we have chosen to run our meetings, but depending on the group, house churches can be very flexible in their meetings…

Previous meetings have found us making bead necklaces (showing how little things/actions = beads, can go together to form a greater thing), making sand sculptures at the local beach as an act of worship, watching film clips and acting, or joining in the local Christmas Parade.

Enjoy your emerging church journey, and

God Bless!
Amelia (I’m the wonderful 18 yr old in the picture below …. who wrote this) (actually I’m 20 now)

The Allis Family

From the Devonport Edge house church.


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